Fuel the Flame: 15 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Fire Department With Tips

Engage your community with an educational and entertaining Fire Safety Trivia Night that raises funds for your local fire department. Plan and organize trivia questions related to fire prevention, firefighting, department history, and general fire safety. Host the event at a suitable venue like your firehouse or a community center or collaborate with a local establishment like a pub, restaurant, or cafe. Charge teams a participation fee and limit team sizes to encourage fair competition.
The truth is that contributions to these organizations—or their fundraisers—will have no effect on the level of protection police and fire departments provide. In recent years, The DeBary Volunteer Firemen’s Association has mailed out a fundraising mailer. We elected not to do any direct in-person fundraising to your doors in 2022, but we are hoping that as many DeBary residents and businesses as possible will choose to support us in 2003. The Annual Ice Fishing Derby – For many years the Washington Fire and Rescue Squad, Inc has held an ice fishing derby over a weekend in mid February, on all legal lakes and ponds in Washington.
Your contribution will help us update our vehicle rescue equipment in order to continue providing the best emergency service available. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas are driven by a strong desire to help people in the event of an emergency. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, day or night, we leave our homes, jobs, and families to help in your time of need. This past year we are very proud to announce that we improved our insurance rating from a four to a three for our citizens.
Support the Los Angeles Fire Department without having to donate money! Below you will find several options below for other ways you can do your part. If you have any questions or ideas, email the Foundation team at Some of the cylinders we had in service were approaching retirement, others still had years of useful life. But we wanted to change from cylinders rated for 30 minutes of air to 45 minutes to give firefighters more time to work before having to switch bottles.
Burns are the second leading cause of accidental death for children one to four years and the third leading cause of death for all those under age 19. Burn injuries are emotional as well as physical, requiring many adjustments for growing and maturing children. Firefighters purchase special items as requested by the staff of the burn care facilities. These are usually non-medical items that are not covered by insurance. This has included pediatric wheelchairs, exercise equipment, and a teddy bear or fire truck just to cheer up a child.
Engine #1, while still in service, is 37 years old and needs to be replaced due to concerns with reliability of a truck that old. This fire truck needs to be replaced; however, there are two problems. First, our current station will not accomodate the newer, larger-frame trucks so the new fire station is vital. The current Fire Station is almost 37 years old and needs major updates. We have been working together for the past several years fundraising for a new station that will include room for a full-service community center.