Even More Fundraising Ideas for Schools fundraiser companies for schools

Sponsored Swim

A sponsored swim is more likely to be undertaken by a swimming club within a school . It usually involves participants receiving sponsorship based on the number of lengths of the pool they swim. If you have previously organised a sponsored swim and would be willing to share your tips with other parents, please email us with your advice.

Sponsored sing-a-thon

This usually involves participants receiving sponsorship based on either the number of songs or length of time they sing. If you have previously organised a sponsored sing-a-thon and would be willing to share your tips with other parents, please email us with your advice

Jellybean Count

A Jellybean count is often part of a wider fundraising event, e.g. school fair. A large jar is filled with Jelly beans or other sweets. Children pay to guess how many sweets are in the jar. At the end of the event the guess closest to the correct amount wins the jar of sweets. Don’t forget to count the sweets as you are filling up the jar! fundraiser companies for schools

Baked Bean Bath

Find a willing, or hapless, volunteer(s)r to sit in an old bath outdoors (a child’s wading pool is best – it is easily cleaned) full of baked beans (a store may be able to provide damaged cans of these at reduced price) They should be wearing a swimming costume/trunks or shorts and t-shirt. Get sponsorship for the number of minutes or hours they stay in it. Alternative icky stuff to baked beans could be cold custard, cold porridge or used dishwashing water with old teabags and vegetable peelings floating in it.

Theme Days

This is a day where students pay (approx €2 each) to participate in a particular theme day in school. The most common are non- uniforms days or to be allowed wear their uniforms backwards for the day! Other variations include setting a theme for what they should wear instead of their uniforms, e.g. fancy dress, denim or purple day. Another popular alternative is that the teachers have to wear school uniforms for the day! Or better still, no homework day.

School Calendar

The Parents Association organise the printing and selling of a school calendar. The pictures for each month could be class group pictures, school event pictures or perhaps a series of ‘doodles’ or small drawings provided by each year group.

70’s/80’s/90’s night

A walk down memory lane night for parents. Music from a particular era (DJ or band) along with drinks and food. Funds raised through ticket sales.

Treasure Hunt

Participants are sponsored to find/solve clues and/or objects on a set route. They are charged an entry fee for competing. They may have to solve additional cryptic clues to identify objects along the route (e.g. a weathervane, a commemorative plaque) and write down each solution along the way.

Depending on the type of competition, the winner could be the first one to finish or the one who solves most clues. The event can be organised to suit family teams or adults or children only. Requires venue e.g. school field and organisation beforehand.

Sponsored silence

It can happen anywhere – in the class room, hall or playground. It can last for as little or as long as you like, the children simply get sponsored for every minute they stay silent.

Sponsored dance

A sponsored dance is probably more suited to secondary rather than primary school students. It involves organising a dance, rap or disco where participants are sponsored for every hour they stay on the dance floor. If you have previously organised a sponsored dance and would be willing to share your tips with other parents, please email us with your advice

Slave Auction

How about putting yourself up for auction as a slave for a day? You can hold an auction at school where teachers bid for slaves, who will then have to help them with all their chores, like filing and tidying the classroom. Or, you can do it the other way around, with your teachers being slaves and you bidding to be their slave-masters!

Mad hair day

Mad hairstyles or shaving hair/beards events. These can be organized as theme days where students pay to be allowed come to school with ‘mad’ hair styles. Alternatively hair/beard shaving can be organised as sponsored events where a few brave adults seek sponsorship to have their hair or beard shaved off.

School Idol

Like singing? Then why not hold a karaoke event, Pop Idol style? The teachers can be the judges and the pupils the performers, or vice versa! You can charge friends and family an entry fee to watch the competition