Dezurik Precision Electric Control Valve

The quantity of fluid load acting on the valves – When there is an increase in the amount of valve load or a sharp rise in the operating speed of the actuator, the duty cycle reduces. Conversely, when the actuator operates slowly and supports a smaller valve load, then the duty cycle of the actuator goes up. Valve Accessories and Controls, designs, manufactures, and markets quality products for controlling actuators in various flow control markets.
All new products feature built-in thermic and overload protection of the electromotor. van kitz reduces the risk of operational failure in either the valve or the system as a whole. Danfoss MCVs are easy to handle, easy to operate and easy to understand. Quick connection to actuator and valve is enabled by a threaded coupling, which also allows for rotation after mounting. External LED visualization and signaling save time and effort during installation and commissioning of MCVs. Globe Valves – This is the widest and most available type of control valve.
We also learned that there are two main types of control valves, Linearor Rotary, and that we can use a fail-safetype of Valve in critical areas. I. Briefly introduce several electric actuators that can be matched with the control valve. To succeed in a competitive marketplace, manufacturers must deliver the right product on time, every time, as well as capitalize on opportunities for new products, while maximizing uptime and reducing production costs.
However, when considering emissions management and the efficiency gains automation provides, electric actuators provide significant value. Digital bus communication can be used on open/close valves or modulating valves. Digital bus communication is also referred to as fieldbus or two-wire control, as the control signal communicates along wires connected in between a group of actuators and a digital bus controller.
All our pneumatic actuators are built to operate in harsh environments and are certified for the required safety standards, typically Safety Integrity Level 3 . We work to ensure that all our electric actuated ball valves and other products are produced to industry standards. Our manufacturing processes are certified to ensure that all our products are of the highest quality. There are different types of valves existing in the market with diverse actuation mechanisms to suit industrial applications. Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electro-hydraulic actuators provide means for automating valve operations. Electric valve actuators, just like other electronic components, generate heat during operation.