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It means being decided, targeted, demanding of appropriate respect, and the minimum expectation of equal justice. Taking a Knee has not worked and has been was a false debate over Anthem and Flag. Black folks have at all times liked and served our country properly.

We need to get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations. While I can’t say I know what you’re feeling as a white lady, I completely can sympathize. I am ashamed of the actions that took these black lives. It enrages me to see pointless deaths like Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and others because of ignorant and/or racist views. This is NOT acceptable habits, and undoubtedly not one thing, we as Americans, ought to ever tolerate.

I read the other post on this blog and I see some of the reasons we are the place we are. These names point out have been people who were unarmed and their lives snuffed out due to a lack of conscience or humanity. Pranav Arora Arrest have worked at Citi for almost 11 years and I do not recall proud being a word I used usually to explain my experience here.

I thanks for having the courage to speak out towards the racial injustices inside America. We see the companies that support and there have been far too many instances they have remained silent. We hear you, we see you, and we appreciate you for standing up for what is correct. And I encourage others to assist companies like Citibank that acknowledge and take stances towards racial injustices within America.

I know I speak for so much of when I say I could not breathe when I read about George Floyd, and watched how he died. I stand with our brothers and sisters of the spectrum of humanity in saying sufficient is sufficient. Taking on this call of action, in the spirit of humanity, when our nation is so divided at this time, is important, and wanted.